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Silver Arch

A play with interconnecting arches, looking from one space into another, the ‘Silver Arch’ artwork experiments with spatial balance and harmony.

A rough hand made patterned platform was incorporated to give the artwork another dimension and the rich imperial green a regal depth.

Fine Art Print of Original Oil Painting

Tory Burke, 2019

High Quality Archival Canvas (340gsm)

Limited Edition 1/50

Colour:  Pictured with raw oak frame. Black frame also available
Size & prices:

780mm x 525mm

935mm x 630mm

1230mm x 830mm

1530mm x 1030mm

Picture this?
If you’d like to see how this print will look in your home, email us a photo of your wall (floor to ceiling), with measurements (so we can get the scale right) and the name of the print(s) you’re considering (maximum six prints). Here’s an example.
Our interior designers will place the print(s) in your photo and send it back to you – free of charge!
Got it? Great! If not, email us a query or give us a call on 03 9376 4545.