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Interior design services

Dwell’s interior design services range from selecting that one special piece to creating a resolved and functional room, apartment or house.
Our consultancy service brings design expertise and industry knowledge to your home.
We spend time with you, we look at the space, discuss your aims, budget and timelines and develop a detailed solution.
Our aim is to create a space that makes everyday life enjoyable and simple – a space that you love. It’s not just about contemporary design; it’s about pieces that will provide comfort, that enhance your lifestyle and express your personality.
We are experts in making small spaces exceptional and large spaces warm and welcoming. We bring together a curated selection of furniture and accessories, clever layout and a balanced application of colour, texture and design aesthetics.

Dwell services include:

  • working with photos and floor plans
  • home visit and space assessment
  • CAD drawings of recommendations
  • resolving space by improving layout and flow
  • furniture sourcing, selection and placement.

Contact us to discuss how we can make your space great.